Mobile Straight Floor (Bald Wall)

This model is equipped with a Keith Walking Floor mobile floor unloading system merging convenience with light weight. It takes only a few minutes to unload most materials. This combination works well for

  • Forestry (logs, wood bundles, etc.)
  • Agriculture (spreading)
  • Grass rolls, bulk materials, sacks, flour
  • Pallets, tires, waste, and recycling
  • Other applications possible
  • Mass :10900 KG
    Volume :4010 P3/113.5 M3
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  • Aeration grid Aeration grid
  • Door blowing Door blowing
  • Front access door Front access door
  • Interior Door Full Width Interior Door Full Width
  • Pressure gauge Pressure gauge
  • Tailgate closed mid-mid-toasting Tailgate closed mid-mid-toasting
  • Tailgate with doors that open inward Tailgate with doors that open inward